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Solarscope Educational Edition

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The larger group or science teacher’s version which comes with the “educational kit” for measurement and calculation capabilities.

The Solarscope is produced in two sizes – Standard (2-4 observers) and Educational for larger observing groups (2-7 observers).  This product is a safe, easy to use and inexpensive way to observe the Sun.

Observation screen size is 340 x 340 mm for Education Model and 240 x 240 mm for Standard Model. The sun’s image size on the projection screen: diameter about 115 mm / 80mm (Education/Standard)

The Solarscope is: easy to adjust, robust, has a large field of view, eye safe and not expensive.

Solarscope is Easy to use: very simple to align, easy observation, robust.

What can be observed: Sun spots, Transits (Mercury, Venus), Eclipses (Moon)

backview.jpgWhat can be measured: 

  • earth rotation speed
  • day duration
  • true local noon
  • earth poles axis inclination
  • sun rotation speed
  • latitude of the observation spot
  • earth orbit ellipticity
  • astronomical Unit (AU)

These two school workshops are download free to give you an overview of the exercices:

  • Solar day measurement (Primary School) download
  • Astronomical Unit (Advanced) download

The following school workshops are delivered with your Educational and Wooden Solarscope:Solar noon (Grammar School)

  • Sun rotation speed (Primary School)
  • Sun rotation speed (Grammar and High School)
  • Latitude of a place and pole axis inclination (Grammar and High School)
  • Earth orbit ellipticity (Grammar and High School)
  • Time’s equation (Grammar and High School)

Mounting: Easy assembling in less than five minutes. The Solarscope comes with a detailed user ‘s guide. The pictures below show you the main assembling stages:


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