Wooden Standard Version Regular – GLUED TOGETHER


PRODUCT NOTE:  Is is for glue together version, not as photo showing traveler version with latches….. This wooden version of the smaller Solarscope is a safe, easy to use and inexpensive way to observe the Sun.  Assembly Required – GLUE together version.  Observation screen size is 240 x 240 mm same as for Color Cardboard Standard Model.

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Actual laminate tone subject to change (perhaps not exactly as shown)

The regular sized personal and small group viewer (Standard version) produced in veneer laminated medium density fiberboard.  Made in the USA.  Assembled and glued together.

Great portable solar viewer!

The Solarscope is produced in two sizes – Standard (2-4 observers) and Educational for larger observing groups (2-7 observers).  This product is a safe, easy to use and inexpensive way to observe the Sun.

Observation screen size is 340 x 340 mm for Education Model and 240 x 240 mm for Standard Model. The sun’s image size on the projection screen: diameter about 115 mm / 80mm (Education/Standard)

The Solarscope is: easy to adjust, robust, has a large field of view, eye safe and not expensive.

Solarscope is Easy to use: very simple to align, easy observation, robust.

What can be observed: Sun spots, Transits (Mercury, Venus), Eclipses (Moon)

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