ABOUT US – History

The Solarscope project was the invention of Mr Jean Gay, Astronomer and Scientist at the Côte d’Azur Observatory, in his effort to enable safe sun observation for an affordable price. During the 1999 Sun eclipse he noticed a strong interest in the general public for Solar phenomenons like eclipses, planet transits and daily sunspots observation. The patents utilized in the Solarscope products provide for results and user experience for price value rivaled by no other product in the world.

The desire to lead the way in the Solar observation scopes has led the Light Tec Optical Instrument company to develop the manufacturing and distribution of the Solarscope in the astronomy field (observatories, astronomical associations, astro/optics stores) as well as the Education outreach programs and entering the recreation and entertainment markets (through catalogues). Light Tec Optics Instruments and private placement partners formed Solarscope LLC, fully licensed to manufacture and market the Solarscope product in North and South America.

Our relationships with world class partners like nature company Nature et Découverte, the Fnac Junior, Edmund Scientific, Orion, American Science & Surplus and others … create opportunities to give an excellent gift for children and adults alike.

“We are pleased to bring the Solarscope product in a distribution and licensing alliance with Light Tec Optical Instruments,” noted John Ermel, Managing Director and partner of the LLC. The company today caters to both professional and amateur astronomers, as well as anyone else with an interest in the subject. We offer a service to teachers and we work on large international projects.

“Solarscope represents a brilliant invention of sheer simplicity with results that exceed expectations,” adds Yan Cornil, President of Light Tec Optics Instruments. And he should know, having spent the last twenty years in the optics business, he finds the Solarscope the most affordable sun instrument in the world, which also provides high quality performance. A scientifically sound product with the capability for astronomical measurements, Solarscope has been warmly embrace by scientists (Nobel Prize for Physics, astronauts, etc.), educators, astronomers, and serious to recreational science enthusiasts worldwide.

The main stages of our company’s development are as follow:

2003: More than 150 dealers (mainly European) join our distribution network. Six educational catalogues mention the Solarscope in their “new products” pages: Jeulin (France), Findel Education(UK + international), Phywe (Germany), Pierron international (Poland, Czech Republic), Eurosciencia (Spain), ALEGA Skolmat

eriel Ab (Sweden), Muller & Sorensen Aps (Denmark)

2004: A totally redesigned Solarscope is launched to improve the product and to fit better the needs of

the recreation and entertainment markets. ~ Further to that the well-known Nature et Découverte chain store signs a Solarscope distribution contract in more than 50 stores France-based. ~ Established corporate presence in America with the cross Atlantic joint venture with Solarscope LLC based in Chicago to market the Solarscope product in North and South Americas.

Our Mission: Provide as many instruments as possible to the general public for everyday solar viewing and for special events like the April 8th and the Oct 3rd 2005 solar eclipses. ~ To strengthen our international development.